CCBRC Member Benefits Package

Statistics on a laptop
typing on a mac
Brainstorming over paper
Foggy skyscrapers
A view of One Trade Center in New York City.

1. Consultation of internal and external rates and taxes of bilateral countries.

Moscow city skyscraper

7. Access to the network of companies in bilateral countries.


2. Commercial market research and products to import and export.

This photo was taken on assignment for a current engineering client. It didn’t have much to do with my company’s work on the project, but they had just built a new building and I don’t think anyone had documented it yet. Seemed like a good opportunity to get some clean images of the space.

8. Discounts on CCBRC communication values and marketing announcements.


3. Pre-selection research of potential suppliers.


9. Special discounts for participating in events with brand awareness.

4. Support the organization and bilateral business round


10. Discounts on training courses and workshops

programmed by CCBRC.


5. Institutional and commercial missions between Brazil and China.

11. Advantages with CCBRC Partnerships.


6. Access to bilateral trade opportunities.


12. Flow of strategic information from bilateral countries.